Date Description & Time Location Meeting Status
Sauk Trails May 2016 Board Meeting
5:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Park Bank, Old Sauk Road Past

1.  Welcome / Agenda Additions

2.  April Board Meeting Minutes Approval

3.  Financial Reports Acceptance

4.  Membership Report – AND Membership Activities

5.  Board Organization

            a. Club Goals Update:    1) 5 New Members NET

                                           2) $8000 raised for foundation

 b.  Bylaws & Policies??

6.  Committee Reports

            a. Service

                       1)  BratFest

                       2)  REACH-A-Child   (Mini Golf Hole sponsoship.

            b. Social Reminders

                        1) May 19th  -          TWIST – NOW Meeting

                        2) August ??? -         Pool Party at See’s

            c. Fundraising

                        1)  OTHER???

            d. Nominating Committee (Kathy, Steve, Todd, Dan C.)

7.  New Business

            a.  Meeting Calendar and Speakers

            b.  STOC Website Sponsorship

            c.  Set Remaining Board Meeting Dates

            d,  “Down Town Optimist Request

            e.  Agenda Additions:___________________________


8.  Set 2016 Board Meetings:

            Adjourn to June 14th, 2016  at 5pm at Park Bank

             With THANKS to Dan Chart for use of the Board Room at the Bank!