Date Description & Time Location Meeting Status
Sauk Trails September 2017 Board-FoundationMeeting
5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Park Bank, Old Sauk Road Past

1.  Welcome / Agenda Additions, Secretary (Rick absent)

2.  August Board Meeting Minutes and approval

 3.  Financial Reports

 4.  Membership Report Update               

5.  Old Business

a.  Christmas party – planning status.  Walmart?

b.  Kohl Center opportunity – Dan C. – how to get 8 members?

c.  Silent Auction headed by Kathy, Dennis and Steve – T

                 i.  Ticket prices?

                 ii. Set up time?

                 iii. Is help needed?

d.  "A Greater Madison Vision" with one of the I-Plan workshops in lieu of a Wednesday meeting. 10+ people for 1.25 – 1.5 hrs.  Matt Covert on October 18

e. Installation of Officers and Silent Auction 6PM Sept. 20 at Imperial Gardens. 

                 i. Installation by Lt Governor Elizabeth Vannatta?

                 ii.  Does club cover dinner cost for guests         

f.  Madison Marathon November 12 @ $9.00/ hr

g. More?


6.  New Business

     a.  Bucky Book sales

     b.  Koeze

     c.  More


7.  Optimist Foundation

            a. Financials

            b. Awards to non profits

                        i. amount available and number of awards?

                        ii. email solicitation to STOC members

                        iii. Board vote?

                        iv. Date(s) for recognition of winners

 7.  Adjourn to October 10, 2017    

 THANK YOU to Dan Chart for use of the Board Room at Park Bank!