Date Description & Time Location Meeting Status
Sauk Trails August 2017 Board Meeting
5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Park Bank, Old Sauk Road Past

1.  Welcome / Agenda Additions, Secretary (Rick absent)

2.  July 11 Board Meeting Minutes and approval

3.  Financial Reports

4.  Membership Report Update


5.  Old Business


a.  Christmas party – planning status.  Walmart?

b.  Kohl Center opportunity – Dan C.

c.  Silent Auction – Dashni replacement?

d.  Paid opportunity to earn money through Iron Man – Nancy.  Date?

e.  "A Greater Madison Vision" with one of the I-Plan workshops in lieu of a Wednesday meeting. 10+ people for 1.25 – 1.5 hrs

f.  Installation of Officers and Silent Auction 6PM Sept. 20 at      Imperial Gardens

g. More?

 6.  New Business


a.    Taste of Madison Sept 2 & 3. $10/hr

b.  Madison Marathon November 12.  $9/hr

          c.  More?

 7.  Adjourn to September 12, 2017        


THANK YOU to Dan Chart for use of the Board Room at Park Bank!