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Club Accomplishments


Sauk Trails - Madison Optimist Club has had Accomplishments in both Youth and   Community Activities.  Some of those include the following:

     Annual STOC Banquet to Share Year Activities and Induct Future Years Officers;
     Annual Christmas Party at Lussier Center for Many Youth;       
     Spartan Youth Service Team - JOI Group;
     Annual Progressive Dinner for Optimists
     Annual Essay and Oratorical Contests;
     Annual Respect for Law Program in Spring
     Monthly Reach a Child Volunteering During Year.
     Other Special Optimist Events During Year.

Below is more information on these Accomplishments:


Lussier - Madison Christmas Party
Presents, Santa, Juggler, Food for Youth Sauk Trails Optimist Club of Madison both Optimists and Memorial High School JOOI Youth coordinated a Christmas Party for over 125 youth at the Lussier Center in Madison. Each child received a present, there was a juggler, Santa appeared, pictures were taken, and food was enjoyed by all present.
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Essay Contest Participants
Essay Contestants Participate, Compete & Share with Club. Youth provide essays for competition in judging. The winning essay was sent to SWIS District. All those participating will be sharing at a lunch meeting and will be given club gifts.
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Respect for Law for West Madison Police
Honoring Police Officers at Lunches Annually Sauk Trails-Madison Optimist Club honors police officers for their service.
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Spartan Youth Service Team - SYSJT, JOOI Optimists
SYSJT, Memorial High School JOOI Optimists Sauk Trails Optimist - Madison Club sponsors a JOOI Club of 282 members at Memorial High School, Madison, WI.
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Sauk Trails Annual Banquet 16-17, Induction 17-18 Officers
STOC Annual Banquet, Induction 17-18 Officers Sauk Trails Annual Banquet - NOW dinner was held at Imperial Gardens, Middleton, WI. There were over 30 optimists and NOW Guests present. A great raffle was held which raised over $600 for our STOC Youth Foundation.
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Sauk Trails Madison Annual Progressive Dinner
Sauk Trails Annual Progressive Dinner for Optimists Every Years we have 2-3 houses planned for Appetizers, Main Entrees, Dessert for fun good food and comrade with optimist members, significant others, and invited guests.
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Sauk Trails Annual Banquet 17 -18, Induction Officers 18-19
Sauk Trails Annual Banquet 17-18 Sauk Trails Annual Banquet - NOW dinner was held at Vintage in Sauk City, WI. There were over 30 optimists and NOW Guests present. A great raffle was held which raised over $800 for our STOC Youth Foundation.
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Sauk Trails Fundraisers - National Mustard Day
Sauk Trails Fundraiser - Mustard Volunteer Program Downtown Middleton on Saturdays in August there is our annual tribute to the king of condiments. National Mustard Day is the biggest fundraising event of the year for the nonprofit National Mustard Museum and it takes a village to make it a success. Sauk Trails Optimists participate in this annual event.
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STOC Annual Golf Program
STOC Annual Golf Volunteer Program Each Year there has been an Annual Golf Program scheduled for late Summer / early Fall for anyone interested in participating. It's a Fun Time for Everyone.
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Reach a Child Program
Reach a Child Support Monthly support, either the 4th or last Thursday of the month to help with the separation of books and putting together of back packs for distribution to fire and police First Responders for use in stressful situations.
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STOC Other Fundraisers: Bratfest, Marathons
STOC Other Fundraisers Each year volunteers can go on-line and sign-up for Bratfest Hours, Madison Marathon Hours, and others that are defined.
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Sauk Trails Optimists Special Events
Optimists Special Events Honored Special Events of Our Optimists.
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