Date Description & Time Location Meeting Status

PRESENT:  Dan C., Rick T., Bonnie, Bob, Carole, Diane, Kathy, Steve, Dan B., Absent:   Rick C., Mike, Kathy, Nancy, Todd

The meeting was called to order at 5:02 p.m.

 1.            Approval of Board Minutes from 9/22/2015: We changed “several” to 3 outstanding balances and date of prior month’s meeting to August 22, 2015.  Steve moves to approve, Dan seconded, Passed unanimously

2.            Acceptance of August Financial Reports:  Bob presented the financial reports. $4800 cash balance going into the new year.  Denise and Rebecca will probably be dropping their memberships. $448.21 net income last year.  Football Crazr was lower than past years but still a good fundraiser. Rick C. moves to accept the financial report, Dan seconds, Passed unanimously.

3.              Membership Report Update: 49 members and 0 FOO’s as of 10/1/2015. Bob motions that we waive the new member fee for Laura W., Diane seconds, passed unanimously. Bob moves that we admit Dashni S. at the rate of $25/quarter, Rick C. seconds, passed unanimously.

       4.            Old Business:
                   a.    Bylaws changes from last year. 
                          1.    Article V, Section II. Secretary Treasurer are separate positions.
                          2.    Article VII, Section I, …and no more than 8 elected Directors.
                          3.    Article X, Section 2, Club member who have a spouse as a egular member of the club shall be a charged a
                               special spouse/family rate of $25 per quarter ($100/year).
                          4.    Aricle X, Section 6: …an annual audit. Bob moves that we make the changes effective Nov. 1 subject to the
                               October 28
th meeting of the club, Kathy seconds, passed  unanimously

b.    Policies;
1.    #3 “by the board.
2.    #4 the discretion of the president and treasurer.
3.    #5 …or family member.
4.    #5 …per quarter.
5.    #7 Treasurer not secretary.
6.    #7 strike secretary in 2 places.
7..    #8 correct secretary and treasurer.
8.    #11 Annually.
Bob motions to approve with changes, Diane seconds, passed unanimously

                 C. Club goals:
                        1. Increase membership by net 5 members.
                         2. Fundraising goal of $8000 for the foundation

                         Dan C. makes the motions to set the goals, Diane seconds, passed unanimously

D. Committee Chair Assignments:
     i.  Service: Diane and Nancy
     ii. Social: Kathy, Lev, Jackie
     iii. Fundraising: Steve, Rick T.,

 E.   Dan gave an update on Bucky Books, They are due Nov. 13
 F.   Koeze deadline will be Dec. 2
G.    Audit committee: Gene and Mark K.
H.    MASCC luncheon will be Oct. 21 at the Sheraton
I.    Madison Marathon is mostly full
J.    We need a newsletter replacement for Mary
K..    Rick C. gave an update on the Christmas party. We may need to use our entire balance due to uncertain donations

5. New business

            a. 2015-2016 budget, Bob presented the proposed budget for 2015-2016.  Dan moves that we accept the budget, Steve seconds, passed unanimously.
            b. SWIS District Conference: Carole, Bob, Steve and Gene attended.       

 Adjourn, next meeting will be November 10th at 5:00 pm. at Park Bank. Kathy moves to adjourn, Dan C. seconded.  Passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted, Rick Thomas, Secretary